Scheduled Treks and Tours for 2023

This is the list of my scheduled treks, hikes and tours for 2023.
For further details and registration please contact me through whatsapp +972523551686 or by e-mail at In addition, you can call me up to schedule your own private tour or hike.

Treks in Israel and Sinai:
February 3-4th: A trek in the Judean Desert.
March 17-18: A trek in the Negev desert.
March 24-30th 2023: A trek to Jabel Tarbush and Madsus in Sinai.
April 16-22nd 2023: A trek to Jabel Um Shaumar in Sinai.
Daily treks in Israel would be published in the near future.
Treks Outside Israel:
February 13-24th 2023: Trek in Costa Rica.
February 6-13th 2023: A nature tour in Nicaragua, can be combined with the trek in Costa Rica.
May 22 – June 5th 2023: Trek in Taghia and Jabel M’goun in Morocco.
June 16-24th 2023: Trek in Ala Daglar and Cappadocia in Turkey.
June 28 – July 5th 2023: Trek in Svaneti, Georgia.
July 12-24th 2023: Trek in the Fann mountains in Tajikistan (fully booked).
July 28 – August 6th: Trek in the Kachkar mountains in Turkey.
September 5-13th 2023: Trek in Albania.