Scheduled Treks and Tours for 2022-2023

This is the list of my scheduled treks, hikes and tours for the time period of September 2022 to September 2023.
For further details and registration please contact me through whatsapp +972523551686 or by e-mail at

Treks in Israel and Sinai:
October 7-10th 2022: Yam L’Yam trek from the Sea of Galilee to the Mediterranean.
October 16-18th 2022: A 3-days trek in the Judean Desert for teenagers aged 15-20.
November 27th – December 3rd 2022: A 7-days trek in the Negev desert, around the Small and Large Makhtehim (“craters”).
December 16-24th 2022: The traditional Chanuka trek in the Negev. This year we will hike from Kibbutz Kerura to Eilat.
March 24-29th 2023: A trek to Wadi Nugra and Jabel Tarbush in Sinai.
April 16-22nd 2023: A trek to Jabel Um Shaumar in Sinai.

Treks Outside Israel:
February 13-24th 2023: Trek in Costa Rica.
February 7-13th 2023: A nature tour in Nicaragua, can be combined with the trek in Costa Rica.
April 26 – May 8th 2023: A tour in Uzbekistan.
May 22 – June 4th 2023: Trek in Taghia and Jabel M’goun in Morocco.
June 16-24th 2023: Trek in Ala Daglar and Cappadocia in Turkey.
June 28 – July 5th 2023: Trek in Svaneti, Georgia.
July 10-22 2023: Trek in the Fann mountains in Tajikistan.
July 28 – August 6th: Trek in the Kachkar mountains in Turkey.
September 5-13th 2023: Trek in Albania.