Israel is a small country, but has a fascinating variety of landscapes, a veritable paradise for hikers! By driving two three hours you can get from the lush hills of the Mediterranean coastal plains, to the harsh Negev Desert, to the snow capped Mt. Hermon or to the dramatic fault line of the Judean Desert, facing the Dead Sea. 


Jordan is very famous for the site of Petra one of the wonders of the world. Not too many people are aware of the fact that some of the most beautiful canyons and gorges are located in the kingdom.


Jebel Musa received the title " Mt. Sinai", and attracts many pilgrims to its summit. Nevertheless, the mountains around it are at least as attractive, especially for hikers who seek spiritual experiences together with some peace and quiet (which you don't get while sharing a mountain peak with a few hundred pilgrims!) This hike combines both.


Israel is located at the bridge between three continents, has a rich history, and is holy to around half of the population of the planet No wonder it has so many interesting things to offer to visitors!


If you liked my hikes in Israel you would enjoy my hikes abroad: Amazing scenery, authentic culture, special secret hideaways and lots of fun. As for now I offer treks in the Sinai, Jordan, Turkey, Georgia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, Spain and Norway.

The Israel trail

The Israel trail crosses the country from the Lebanese border in the north to the Egyptian one in the south, more than 900 kilometers in length. On its way, it winds through the mountains of the Upper Galilee, the hills of the Lower Galilee, lake Kinneret ("Sea of Galilee"), the Carmel Mountain, the Coastal Plains, the Jerusalem Hills and the Negev Desert, ending in the Gulf of Eilat.

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