A Guided Trek on the Israel National Trail February 6-24th, 2022 The central Section: From Arad to Caesaria

The Israel National Trail (INT) crosses the country from the Israeli northern border with Lebanon, to the southern one with Egypt. It is over 1040 kilometers long and goes through a variety of landscapes.

This 19 days trek traverses the central part of the INT, including the Northern Negev plains, the Judean Hills and the coastal plains. Highlights on the trek include the Loess soil habitat, the ancient city of Lakhish, the Bar Kokhva refuge and hiding caves, the ancient mountain agriculture, the Yarkon River, the Mediterranean coast and Caesaria. Participants can choose from hiking the complete journey, or joining partially, from one day and above. A vehicle will transfer our gear between the campsites, so we only need to carry a day pack. Me and the logistic man will prepare every evening a field-gourmet dinner served with red wine. We will camp outdoors, but whoever wishes can stay in a room in a country lodge for an additional cost. We will make the reservation and provide transportation to the room after dinner, and back in the morning. Participants who join for the complete session will enjoy a few nights in some camping sites that provide a decent shower.

The price is 300 NIS (around 90$) per day, If you join for 10 days or more, the price per day will be 250 shekels.

 The Itinerary:

Days 1-7: Arad, Mt. Amasa, the Loess soil valleys, Pura flower nature reserve, Tel Lakhish, Bet Guvrin and Netiv Halamed Heh kibbutz.

Days 8-13: Judean Hills, Kobi spring, Wadi Sorek, ancient mountain agriculture in Sataf, Masrek nature reserve, Tel Hadid, Antipatris fortress.

Days 14-15: Yarkon River, Tel Aviv, Appolonia.

Days 16-19: Poleg nature reserve, Netanya, Bet Yanay sand beach, Wadi Alexander, Sharon Park, Wadi Hadera, Caesaria, |Jisr A-Zarka fishermen village.


For more information and registration please contact me: orenyoel@yahoo.com

Bye, Yoel