Site-Seeing in Israel

Israel is located at the bridge between three continents, has a rich history, and is holy to around half of the population of the planet. No wonder it has so many interesting things to offer for visitors!

I  offer daily tours around the country:

Jerusalem Old City; Masada and the Dead Sea; The Galilee, including Nazareth, Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River, amongst others.

These daily tours can be arranged at a two-days notice as private tours (being more flexible regarding itinerary and schedule), while the price varies according to the number of participants; Or as a group tour with a 1 day notice, operated by our colleague agency.

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Private tours:

Here the options are unlimited: If you are a family on vacation I can set you with a children-friendly active itinerary combining history, nature and outdoors activity; If you are a Christian group of pilgrims I can take you to a fascinating journey following the footsteps of Jesus, either in the traditional way with a bus or a car, or on foot, walking the Jesus Trail.

If you are nature-oriented, let me take you to the dramatic deserts or to the international scale bird-watching sites. For the huge hiking oppurtunities visit our Hiking page.


I would be very happy to tailor-make your trip, according to your personal interests and wishes, from a one-day visit to the Old City of Jerusalem to a two-week travel around the country. You have the option to receive a complete package tour, including accommadations, transportation and so on, or to receive guiding services and take care of other aspects yourself.


All tours should be booked at this e-mail address: