Hiking in the Sinai

Jebel Musa received the title " Mt. Sinai", and attracts many pilgrims to its summit. Nevertheless, the mountains around it are at least as attractive, especially for hikers who seek spiritual experiences together with some peace and quiet (which you don't get while sharing a mountain peak with a few hundred pilgrims!) This hike combines both.

Four Days around Mt. Sinai (4S):
Day 1: Cross the border into Sinai, drive to St. Catharine Monastery area. Arrange the camels for the gear. Hike up Jebel Musa for a magnificent sunset view. Camp on the shoulder of the mountain in Elijah Valley.

Day 2: Descend the mountain, visit a Bedouin dwelling site, and ascend the red mountain Jebel Ahmar. Standing on its peak, a flat sheer red granite rock, makes you feel as if you're on the top of the world! Camp in a most beautiful orchard of apple, almond, quince and other kinds of trees.

Day 3: Walk to Wadi tal'aa ("the big Tal'aa"), and bathe in the pool of Galt el Azrak. Continue through the "Valley of Sculptures", where people combine their artistic ideas with nature's. Continue through the Saggar gorge to the campsite, at the foot of Mt. Abbas Basha.

Day 4: Ascend to the mountain top for the sunrise, hike in the "Small Tal'aa Canyon" back to the main village. Drive to the Gulf of Eilat for snorkeling and a nice fish meal, and then back to the border.