Hiking in Israel

Israel is a small country, but has a fascinating variety of landscapes, a veritable paradise for hikers! By driving two three hours you can get from the lush hills of the Mediterranean coastal plains, to the harsh Negev Desert, to the snow capped Mt. Hermon or to the dramatic fault line of the Judean Desert, facing the Dead Sea.

Tailor-made hiking trips:
I can tailor-make your hiking experience in Israel (and also in the canyons of Jordan and the mountains of the Sinai), combining the desired number of hiking days with outdoor camping or hotel accommodations of different standards. We can carry the gear on our backs, or we can have a jeep (in the Sinai a camel!) to bring it to the campsite. The hikes can be of different rates of difficulty according to the fitness of the client.
Please note: These trips should rather be booked at least three months in advance!

Regular Trips:
These one or two-day trips are pre-planned and have been priced according to the number of participants. You can book them as a private trip, or open it for public registration, which can reduce the price if other people participate. Transportation to the meeting point of the hike and from the final destination is not supplied, but you'll receive all the necessary assistance for arranging these. Please note: The trips should be booked in advance, according to the duration of the trip!

One-day hikes:
1A: Wadi Qelt, from Ein Farrah to Ein Qelt:
A fascinating moderate rate hike in the oasis north-east of Jerusalem.

1B: Wadi Qelt, from Ein El Fawar to St. George's Monastery:
A fascinating moderate-rate hike in the oasis east of Jerusalem, including a visit to the Greek-Orthodox monastery, hanging on the cliffs of the canyon.

1C: The Jerusalem hills, from the Ketalav Valley to the Sorek Cave:
A moderate-rate hike through the green bushes of the canyon-cliff, to the famous stalactite and stalagmite cave.

1D: The Daradge Gorge:
A tough hike, combining climbing down dry waterfalls with the assistance of ropes, and swimming through water-holes filled with water from the last flash-flood. This hike is available only between March and May.

1E: David Stream, the Dry Canyon and the Wet Canyon:
A moderate-rate hike in Ein Gedi: Ascending to the Dry Canyon, walking to the dry "Window Waterfall". Descending to the "Lovers' Cave" and bathing in the crystal-clear water there and in the lower part of the stream. Watch the Nubian Ibex and the Syrian Rock Hyrax.

1F: Arugot Canyon:
An easy-moderate hike in the Arugot stream, a beautiful oasis in Ein Gedi. Visit the Hidden Waterfall and the upper pools. If time permits, visit the fascinating mosaic floor of the ancient synagogue of Ein Gedi.

Two-Day Hikes:
The prices do not include accommodations and are based on outdoor camping.

2A: Wadi Qelt, full length::
From Ein Farah to St. George monastery. See 1A and 1B.

2B: Ein Gedi, David and Arugot Canyons. Two options:Moderate rate combines hikes 1E and 1F. A tough hike is optional: Hiking to the lower part of David stream, ascending to the "Lovers Cave". Ascending via the ancient "Ein Gedi Ascent" to the Desert Plateau, for an amazing view of the Dead Sea, the Jordanian Hills and the Judean Desert plateau. Camping outdoors camping gear is carried on our backs! On day 2 we descend the "Bnay Hamoshavim ascent to the Arugot stream, visit the upper pools and the Hidden Waterfall on the way out.

2C: Mt. Meron in the Upper Galillee:
Starting at the Christian-Arab village of Jish, we walk down the Gush Halav stream, visiting the ancient synagogue and flour-mills. We continue to Tziv'on valley, upwards to Mt Meron. Camping outdoors, while the second day finds us ascending to the "Summit Loop-Trail", and descending to the Meron Stream.

2D: Zavitan and Yehudia gorges in the Golan Heights:
Moderate or tough hikes (there are several options). Both canyons consist of beautiful waterfalls and pools. In the Yehudia descending with ladders and swimming are unavoidable.

2E: Avdat and Akev desert canyons:
A relatively tough hike in the Negev Desert. Starting in the ancient Nabatean town of Avdat, walking to the upper Akev spring and the lower Akev spring, with its surprising ice-cold pool. Camping in the Tzin valley, and walking in the second day on the Avdat Plateau, with beautiful views from the Tzin Cliffs. Concluding in the wildlife-rich Avdat Canyon.