Coming-up Tours and Treks

Coming Up Treks and Tours

  • October 11th 2017

    A day hike to Mt. Yishai, upper and lower David Canyon at Ein Gedi
  • December 13-20th, 2017

    The big Negev trek!!! Eight days (you can sign up for any number of days out of this trek) of trekking in the south of the Israeli desert. Yahel limestone stone-balls, Kassui sand dunes, Timna national park, Etek gorge and much more. Israel is not only the Holy Land. As much as it is a pilgrimage destination for religious people, it can set as a pilgrimage destination for nature lovers. In December 2011 I've started the tradition of initiating and guiding long treks in the Negev during the Jewish holiday of Chanuka. This year's trek is the 6th Chanuka long Negev trek (in 2012 we went elsewhere). This guided trek will bring us to the remote areas of the Israeli Negev desert. This is an eight days trek but you can join it for the complete trek or for sections of different number of days. You can reach the starting point by public transportation. The camping gear will be carried with a logistic vehicle, as we hike with only a daypack. You can rent a sponge mattress and a tent for 110 shekels for the complete trek. Each walking day will consist on 15-24 km. All meals are provided. Our staff will prepare high-class field dinners with Israeli wine, and during the days we will enjoy picnic brunches. The region of this year's hiking is from Kibbutz Yahel on the north-east to the Red Canyon on the south west (40 km north of Eilat). The price is 350 shekels per day, 2400 shekels for the complete program and 2200 shekels for 7 days. The Itinerary: Day 1, Wednesday, December 13th, 2017: We meet at 10:30 at Kibbutz Yahel in the Arava Valley. You can reach it with public transportation from Eilat, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Beer Sheva. We hike through the Bulbus (limestone nodules) field; 14km, 150 m up and down. Day 2: Neve Harif – Kassui sand dunes; 14km, 180m up and down. Day 3: Leopars ancient shrine, leopards trap, gorge near Shakharut ascent; 16km, 100m up 300m down. Day 4: Wadi Yotvata, Argaman hill ,Milhan well; 21km, 550m up. Day 5: Mt. Berekh, descend Berekh ascent,Solomons Pillars, Timna Park; 22km, 150m. up, 700m. down. Day 6: Timna Park, camp at Raham/Etek junction; 16 km. 150m up. Day 7: Etek Gorge, Etek Cracks, Red Canyon; 24km, 550m up. Day 8: Red Canyon, South Shani canyon, Mt. Neshef. 7 km, 300 meter up and downs. What to bring: I.D. card or passport, health insurance; 4.5 litres of water; Hat, hiking shoes, sandals for the evening, Kitbag for the evening gear, comfortable day pack; Good sleeping bag, thin mattress, tent (you can rent from me a tent and sponge mattress for 110 shekels for the whole trek); Warm clothes for the evening; Towel, washing stuff, Toilet paper and matches; Flashlight + extra batteries; Insect repellant; Sunscreen; Personal first aid and medications, spare glasses; Snacks; Plate, soup bowl, cup, spoon, fork, knife. For more information and registration please contact me through my mail: or phone: +972523551686.
  • January 1-4th 2018

    Trekking in the Jordanian desert featuring Petra.
  • January 19-21th 2018

    Trekking in Jordan: Petra, Wadi Rum and Rajef
  • February 9-11 2018

    Trekking in Jordan: Petra, Wadi Rum and Rajef
  • Februaty 28- March 3rd

    Trekking in the Jordanian deserts.
  • March 15-18th

    Trekking in the jordanian deserts.
  • April 17-22

    Trekking in the Sinai