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Newsfeed April 2013

Several special treks are offered for the next few months, you are most invited to join, and furthermore, you're encouraged to spread the message between as many people you might think are interested! Of course it kis also possible to reserve a private guided hike.


April 15th-20th: The Israel National Trail, from Tzuba to Caesaria

After walking the INT from Dan to Caesaria and from Tzuba to Eilat, this is the last section as we complete the walking on the trail. Every day we will walk around 20-25 kilometers, and camp outdoors. A vehicle will carry our gear between the campsites as we walk with our day-pack. All meals are included.

We meet at Tzuba at 8:30 and walk for six days, ending by Caesaria.

It is possible to join for the whole trek or for specific days.


April 30th to May 4th: A Water Hike in Jordan

Five days in the amazing canyons of Jordan: Wadi Manshala, Wadi Ghuweir, Ibn Hammad and lower Hassa and Mujib.


Mt. Sinai Region, May 7th-11th 2013

A spiritual trek to the region of the red granite mountains, the blooming orchards and the springs and wells of St. Catharine region. Our gear will be carried by camels and will be met by the campsites: lovely orchards with drinking water. All meals are included.

Turkey Trek in Ala Daglar and Capadochia, June 28th-July 6th

This trek combines crossing the Ala Daglar ridge and the fairy-chimney magical region of Capadochia.



Do not hesitate to call for any additional information, 972-52-3551686.


Bye, Yoel





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