The Northern Negev, Six Days on the Israel National Trail, January 28th – February 2nd

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January 24, 2012
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The Northern Negev, Six Days on the Israel National Trail, January 28th – February 2nd

The Israel National Trail is a hiking trail over 940km long that crosses the country from The Lebanese border on the north, to the Egyptian one in the south. In 2011-2012 we hiked the northern and the southern sections, leaving the central section to be completed this year. The plan is to walk the area between Caesaria to Sde Boker in three treks, 5-6 days long each. The first trek is going to take place from January 28th to February 2nd, in which we will cover the trail from Meitar to Sde Boker, walking south, between February 21-25th we will hike from Meitar northwards to Kibbutz Tzuba, and in April 15-20th we will hike the last part, from Tzuba to Caesaria

The Small Makhtesh


Meitar to Sde Boker, January 28th – February 2nd

We will meet at Meitar at 8:00. On the first day we will cross Yatir “Forest” to the Ancient town of Arad. This hike will lead us moderately between the pine trees to the special village Dureijat, to which we will walk a section of an ancient important Roman road. On the second day we will hike one of the canyons at the meeting between the Judean Desert and the Negev Desert. On the third day we will cross the Tsafit Canyon and descend into the Small Makhtesh. The Makhtesh is an erosive crater which is unique to Israel and Sinai, and the Small Makhtesh is the most complete one. On day four we will hike up from the Small Makhtesh and down into Yamin Canyon, we will join into Hatira Canyon to hike up the Palmach Ascent into the Big Makhtesh. On Friday, February 2nd, we will walk the toughest section on the Israel National Trail: Mt. Karbolet and Wadi Afran. On the last day of this journey we will walk to Aqev Peak, and on the way we will take a side hike to Zakuf and Talul canyons.


Our gear is going to be transported to the campsites with an escorting car. When we arrive at the camping spots dinner is going to be ready for us.

We will camp outdoors, but whoever wishes can stay in a room in a country lodge for an additional cost. We will make the reservation and provide transportation to the room after dinner, and back in the morning.


The price is 70$ per day, 55$ per day if you choose to participate in 3 days or more. If you do the complete section it will cost 270$ per section.


For more information and registration please contact me:

Bye, Yoel



What to bring:

I.D. card or passport, health insurance;

4.5 litres of water;

Hat, hiking shoes, sandals for the evening,

Kitbag for the evening gear, comfortable day pack;

Good sleeping bag, thin mattress, tent;

Warm clothes for the evening;

Towel, washing stuff,

Toilet paper and matches;

Flashlight + extra batteries;

Insect repellant;


Personal first aid and medications, spare glasses;


Plate, soup bowl, spoon, fork, knife.


A guided trek on this trail or different trails can be reserved at


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