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The Poyke Pot – All Inclusive in Field Cooking

In the previus article regarding field cooking, I described a method that can be used when you are backpacking. Cooking food wrapped in aluminum foil on fire does not require carrying heavy gear on your back! This time I’ll introduce a method which is only suitable when you camp next to your vehicle: The Poyke Pot.

This pot originated in South Africa, but gathers popularity around the world. The pot is made from iron, it’s very heavy and you can get it in different sizes. The cooking is done on open fire, and can be done either outdoors or on a gas stove at home…

This is the classical recipe: Chicken with Vegtables…

Prepare fire and put the pot on it, make sure it is standing stable! Open a bottle of fine dry red wine and enjoy a glass of wine.

Put a little amount of oil, once the pot is hot add the chicken and stir untill it is roasted from all sides.

Add onions, garlic, red peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsley, tomatoes, champignon, and whatever you desire.

Add half a bottle of white wine, some soy sauce, spices.

Cook on small fire for an hour, stir from time to time, drink red wine to let the time pass pleasantly. 

When the stew is ready remove the pot from the fire carefully, and enjoy your meal!

This recipe can be done alternatively with lamb or veal.

When guiding Ellen Botnick in the Judean Desert last year, she asked me to prepare a vegetarian stew. She actually liked it and said I should put the recipe on the blog. Since I don’t fancy having my signature over a vegetarian recipe I hereby dedicate it to Ellen…

The idea is the same, only without the chicken. You might consider adding portobellos for the taste.


  1. irit says:

    From experienc I can say – trut Yoel’s receipes, they are excellent!!

  2. irit says:

    I meant – trust Yoel’s receipes, even the vegiterian ones!

  3. faigy zaretsky says:

    i want buy poyke pot from isreal but i know it make from south africa but i want poyke pot without legs i want use on stove.. if u can tell me where i can buy please email me thank u very much i m from new york
    great hoilday

  4. Yoel says:

    in Israel you can buy the poyke without the legs in hiking gear stores. google Lametayell or Rikushet, the leading chain hiking stores here and contact them. maybe they can give you the exporter details and he can ship it to you.

  5. Tova Koren says:

    Actually, for the sake of accuracy, its spelled potjie, pronounced potkie, i.e. a small pot.

  6. roni says:

    visit my blog to have my Poyke Cookbook

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