Field cooking: An Important part of the Desert Experience

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July 31, 2009
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Field cooking: An Important part of the Desert Experience

morning remains of a night feast in the desert

A most important part of the desert experience is the eating…

Being in an area different from our regular neighbourhood allows us to open our minds for different and special cooking. This category will deal with recepies for desert cooking, and here comes the first:

St. Peter’s Fish on the Fire

A very easy and rewarding dish:

Spread an alluminum foil and place a large lettuce leaf on it. The leaf will prevent the sticking of the fish to the foil and absorb the juices. Place some onion and garlic slices on the leaf and top by the fish, after spreading some salt and lemon on it. Spread salt, lemon, rough black pepper and olive oil on the upper side of the fish, add garlic and onion slices and cover by another lettuce leaf. Rap withe alluminum foil and seal properly.

This is a good time to make the fire, In nature reserves make sure you bring the firewood with you. Out of the reserves, especially when you are hiking with all the gear on your back, a good source for dry wood is the material drifted by the flash floods in the dry riverbed, easily found stuck to the bushes. After fire is lit, you can relax by drinking red wine untill the fire is strong enough. Place the fish atop the fire and cover with some extra charcoal or wood. Drink some more wine while waiting the 20 minutes for the fish to be ready…

Make sure you take the litter with you, mainly the remains of the foil. After dinner, lie down and while the fire goes down look at the stars and fall asleep peacefully.

guitar playing after field cooking

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