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July 20, 2009
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July 21, 2009
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The Israel Trail

The Israel trail crosses the country from the Lebanese border in the north to the Egyptian one in the south, more than 900 kilometers in length. On its way, it winds through the mountains of the Upper Galilee, the hills of the Lower Galillee, lake Kinneret (“Sea of Galillee”), the Carmel Mountain, the Coastal Plains, the Jerusalem Hills and the Negev Desert, ending in the Gulf of Eilat.

In the last few years it has become a trend for Israeli youngsters, to walk the whole length as a challenge, before going to the army service or right after completing it.

Older people, who can’t “disappear” from work for two months or so, walk the trail in portions, until they complete it.

I offer tailor-made trips of any length of the trail, from one day to two weeks.

Besides that, I offer three two-weeks portions, that cover the whole length of the trail. These portions, which are suitable for very fit hikers only, should be booked one year in advance. The price covers my guiding and a car that brings the gear to the camping sites, (or a jeep where the terrain is not passable for regular cars). It doesn’t cover accommodations beyond outdoor camping. It does cover food, on picnic basis of three meals a day.

Northern Section, from the Dan stream to the Yarkon Sources, 15 days, 330 kilometers. (Code ITN)

Day1: Tel Dan to Kiryat Shemona, 18 kilometers.

Day 2: Ramim Cliff, Yesha fortress. 20 km.

Day 3: Dishon Canyon, 23 km.

Day 4: Meron Mountain, 19 km.

Day 5: Amud Canyon, 20km.

Day 6: Arbel Cliff, Tiberias, Lake Kinneret, Jordan River, 24km.

Day 7: Yavne’el Valley, Elot ascent, Tell Rechesh, 23km.

Day 8: Tabor and Devora Mountains, 19 km.

Day 9: Nazareth Hills, Tzippory, Alonim, 23 km.

Day 10: Rechasim, Yagur, Mt. Carmel, 21 km.

Day 11: Usfia, Shokef peak, Ofer. 24 km.

Day 12: Ramat Hanadiv, Carmel Coast, Caesaria. 24 km.

Day 13: Hadera, Sharon Park, 24 km.

Day 14: Alexander Stream, Mediteranean coast, 24 km.

Day 15: Tel Aviv, Yarkon Springs, 24 km.

Central Section, from Yarkon Sources to Mitzpe Ramon, 15 days, 363 km. (Code ITC)

Day 1: Yarkon Springs, Bareket, Modi’im, 23 km.

Day 2: Ben Shemen, Burma Road, 25 km.

Day 3: Shayarot Ridge, Sorek Valley, 23km.

Day 4: Begin Park, Elah Valley, 25 km.

Day 5: Masua, Tell Goded, Tell Lachish, 23 km.

Day 6: Tell Keshet, Shikma Valley, Pura, 23 km.

Day 7: Lahav planted forest, 24 km.

Day 8: Sansana Hills, Yatir forest, 26km.

Day 9: Amasa, Tell Arad, Kanfan Canyon, 25 km.

Day 10: Komot Hill, Tamar Fortress, 23 km.

Day 11: Small Makhtesh, Eli Ascent, 23 km.

Day 12: Yemin and Hatira Canyons, Big Makhtesh, 24 km.

Day 13: Mt. Karbolet, Afran Gorge, 24 km.

Day 14: Zin Valley, Akev springs, Avdat, 26km.

Day 15: Har Nafha, Mitzpe Ramon, 26km.

Southern Section, from Mitzpe Ramon to Eilat, 11 days, 218 km walking and 42 km driving. (Code ITS)

Day 1: Makhtesh Ramon, Amonites wall, 21 km.

Day 2: Saharonim Hill, Nekarot “Horseshoe”, Geled Canyon, 19 km.

Day 3: Yahav Hill, Eshborn Cracks, Moa, 25 km.

Day 4: Ancient Spring Route, 21 km.

Day 5: Barak and Vardit Canyons, 26 km.

Day 6: Driving to Kassui Dunes (the trail is next to the main road for 38 km, because of the army practicing zone on both sides, so we will drive it). Continue walking to Shaharut, 17 km.

Day 7: Metek Well, Milhan Ascent, 23 km.

Day 8: Timna park, 12km, option for additional hiking in the park.

Day 9: Raham Valley, Amir Mountain, 20 km.

Day 10: Shkhoret Canyon, Netafim Canyon, 14 km.

Day 11: Gishron Canyon, Gulf of Eilat. 17 km.

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